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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of our testimonials below or if you’ve had an experience at Advanced Health & Rehabilitation Center that you would like to share, click the Google Places link below to share your story. Please contact the office if you have any questions.

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Dr. Kean and his staff are very knowledgeable and professional

I Came to Advanced Health and Physical Medicine after seeing the advertisement in the newspaper. My knee pain became suddenly unbearable one afternoon. I called for an appointment and was seen the next morning. After an exam, history, and x-rays, I was given an appointment the next day for a course of treatment and began the series. I learned that not only was the knee involved, but the neck, lower back as well.
As the weeks progressed, I felt more relaxed as the muscles, back and neck seemed to loosen up! The knee progressed from not being able to put my foot flat on the floor to just mild discomfort when walking. I resumed my usual activities, including yard work with more energy and vigor. The body truly does work in harmony with all its parts and if one part is ailing, other parts are out of sync also. Dr. Kean and his staff are very knowledgeable and professional.

repeatedly ascend and descend two flights of stairs without pain or fear

For several months, the team of Specialists at Advanced Health & Physical Medicine, have been able to help me appreciate the importance of proper care for the entire body. My experience of regular treatments, adjustments, and Maintenance has enabled me to maintain high levels of physical activity.
The Bonus point- Most recently, I discovered with great ease and confidence, the new strength to repeatedly ascend and descend two flights of stairs without pain or fear.

Do not opt for surgery before you give Dr. Kean a Try

The curves in Hannah’s back are much better; 30 degrees to 23 degrees in a very difficult spot to get to; right under her shoulder blades.

Dr. Kean and his staff can definitely straighten your scoliosis condition significantly and make your whole spine system better in the process. Do not opt for surgery before you give Dr. Kean or another CLEAR Institute Specialist for intensive treatment a try.

Significant Improvement!

I have had significant improvement in my physical health, since beginning this program. The chiropractic alignments, messages, injections, laser treatments, specific area physical therapy and the vibration all helped me to get a lot better. All the employees are super nice.

My pain level has also decreased, due to all the treatments I received. The neuropathy in my feet is not as severe as it was before. My neck no longer hurts at all. My shoulder pain has also decreased as well. Another especially important accomplishment is that my diabetes sugar level has dropped to normal levels now. All this makes me feel so much better as a whole and my overall mental attitude has improved greatly.

The people working here to help us really are knowledgeable in their jobs and they care about us patients. This is a wonderful program, which I recommend highly.

Summing up, from the time I walk in to register with the receptionist, to vitals, then treatments and or sessions, I want to thank all of your team for a truly great job!!!

Chiropractic Works!

I have scoliosis. I had previously seen a few other chiropractors. I found Dr. Kean on the internet. He helped my condition. It has improved through treatment so well that I am back to my usual activities (swimming, school, and work). I have no more pain when carrying out everyday activities. My words of encouragement are: Chiropractic Works!

17% reduction in my scoliosis curve after 3 months

I found out from my family physician that I had scoliosis. I did some research online and found out that my choices were bracing or surgery. I'm pretty young and wasn't ready to have major spinal surgery. I found the CLEAR-Institute website. I called and got information from them. They recommended Dr. Kean. After 3 months of scoliosis treatment therapies I have had a 17% reduction in my scoliosis curve. I am currently treating there and look forward to seeing my improvement at my next re-exam.

I was in a bad car accident and suffered really bad whiplash

The first day I was taken to the E.R. and just prescribed pain medicine and muscle relaxants. I didn't really start hurting until the 3rd day. I didn't want to become addicted to pain killers. I decided to try chiropractic. After only a few visits I could feel the muscle tension going away. After one week I felt much better. I would definitely recommend Kean Chiropractic Center to anyone in pain.

After a Car Accident Try Chiropractic Before Medicine!

After being in a car accident I suffered neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee, and leg pain. The chiropractor helped to minimize the pain. I have been able to resume my hobbies with little pain. Try chiropractic before medicine!

Bad Headaches at the base of my skull

I was having bad headaches at the base of my skull. After getting regular adjustments, I hardly ever get headaches and if I do, it usually goes away after an adjustment.

Severe Headaches three times a week

I was suffering from severe headaches at least three times a week. After getting adjusted, my headache would go away within ten minutes. Now that I get regular adjustments, my headaches are almost non-existent.

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